Dr. G. Sivaradje
B.Tech.,M.Tech., Ph.D., SMIEEE, MISTE, MIETE

Specialization: Wireless Communication
Phone no.: 9894088077

Brief Biodata of Dr. G. Sivaradje

Name : Dr. G. Sivaradje

Designation : Professor

Department : Electronics and Communication

Date of Birth : 17/02/1969.

College Address : Pondicherry Engineering College, Puducherry-14

phone No. : Mobile:9894088077

E-mail :

Educational Qualifications

 Degree  University Branch Month & Year of Completion CGPA or Percentage & Class
Ph.D Pondicherry University ECE December 2006 Highly Commended
M.Tech. Pondicherry University ECE February 1996 8.12(CGPA) I Class
B.E Madras University ECE April 1991 75.10% I Class

Area of Specialization : Wireless Communication

Experience (No. of Years)

U.G : 17years
P.G: 17years
Research: 14years

Research Guidance

PhD: 8
Master's Thesis: 47
Bachelor's Thesis: 36


Number of papers in

Referred Journals: 29
Referred Conference Proceedings: 55

Projects Carried Out : 4

Schools/workshops/Seminars attended : 8

Schools/workshops/Seminars organized : 2

Specific contributions

1. Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme of Government of India (TEQIP)- Academic member, Nominated by Government of Puducherry.

2. Technical expert committee member for Police department and Information department - Government of Puducherry

Research areas

1. Mobile Computing

2. Convergence Networks

Membership in professional bodies

1. Senior member in IEEE

2. Life member in Indian Society for Technical Education, New Delhi.

3. Life member in Computer Society of India

4. Life member in IETE

Other Activities

1. Affiliation Inspection Committee Member, Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore

2. Affiliation Inspection Committee Member, Anna University of Technology, Chennai

3. National Advisory Committee Member - for several International Conference Committees

4. Staff Selection Committee member for various Engineering Colleges

List of Publications


1. R.Pushpavalli and G.Sivaradje, " A Fuzzy Switching Filter for Enhancing Digital Images Corrupted by Impulse Noise", International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications, Vol3, Issue 4, pp 1-6, April 2013.

2. R.Pushpavalli and G.Sivaradje, " A Hybrid Filtering Technique for Eliminating Uniform Noise and Impulse Noise on Digital Images", Signal and Image Processing: An International Journal (SIPIJ), Vol4, No.2, pp 76-88, April 2013.

3. R.Pushpavalli and G.Sivaradje, "Feed Forward Back Propagation Algorithm for Eliminating Uniform Noise and Impulse Noise", European Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, Vol1, Issue 1, pp 10-26, March 2013. Impact Factor 1.285

4. R.Pushpavalli and G.Sivaradje, "Feed Forward Back Propagation Algorithm for Eliminating Gaussian Noise and Impulse Noise", International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, Vol2, Issue 4, pp 438-448, 2013. Impact Factor : 0.2130

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1. G. Sivaradje and P. Dananjayan, "The Characteristics of Electronic Payment Systems", in IETE Technical Review - Special Issue "E-Commerce", Vol. 17, No. 4, pp. 197-202, July - August 2000.

2. G. Sivaradje and P. Dananjayan "A Dynamic Channel Assignment Algorithm for High Capacity Microwave Mobile Communication Systems", IETE Technical Review - special issue "Microwave Communication Systems", Vol. 18, Nos. 2 & 3, pp. 207 - 210, March - June 2001.

3. G. Sivaradje and P. Dananjayan "Address Routing and Delivery Time Analysis of Satellite Networks for PCS", IETE Special issue of Microwave Communication Systems, Vol. 18, Nos. 2 & 3, pp. 211 - 218, March - June 2001.

4. G. Sivaradje and P. Dananjayan, "Interactive Computer Mediated Communications for Distance Educations and its limitations", IETE Technical Review - Special issue in "IT Enabled Services", Vol. 18, No. 4, pp. 277 - 282, July - August 2001.

5. G. Sivaradje, D. Saraswady and P. Dananjayan, "LEGICON - Based Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images of the Brain", IETE Journal of Research - Special issue of visual media processing, 2002.

6. G. Sivaradje and P. Dananjayan "Extraction of Evoked Potential and Its Applications in Biomedical Engineering", IETE Technical Review in the Special Issue of Bio-Medical Engineering, 2003.

7. G. Nagarajan and P. Dananjayan, " Traffic Enforcement Mechanism in ATM using Neural Network", IETE Technical Review, Vol 21, No. 4, July- August 2004, pp 241-246.

8. G. Sivaradje and P. Dananjayan "Mobility prediction-based Bandwidth Allocation Supporting multilevel Degradable Quality of Service", The ICFAI Journal of Systems management, November 2005, Vol. III No.4, pp 35-44, November 2005.


1. G.Vijayalakshmy and G.Sivaradje "A QoS guaranteed Tight coupled WiMAX-3G-WLAN Convergence using IMS signaling analysis" Proceedings on IEEE International Conference Computer Communication an Informatics, January 2013.

2. R.Tamijetchelvy and G.Sivaradje, " An Optimized Fast Vertical Handover Strategy for Heterogeneous Wireless Access Networks based on IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handover Standard" IEEE - Fourth International Conference on Advanced Computing, ICoAC 2012, Anna University, Chennai, December 13-15, 2012. (Published in IEEE)

3. G.Vijayalakshmy and G.Sivaradje "WiMAX-UMTS converging Architecture with IMS signaling analysis to achieve QoS" Proceedings of International Conference on Communication and Computing and Security, NIT Rourkela, India, October 2012,(Elsevier-Science direct publications)

4. G. Vijayalakshmy and G. Sivaradje "WiMAX and WiFi convergence architecture to achieve QoS" proceedings of International conference on recent trends in Computing, Communication and. Information Technologies, VIT, India. Obcom, July 2012 ( Springer publication)

5. R.Pushpavalli and G.Sivaradje "An intelligent post processing technique for image enhancement", International Conference on Emerging Trends in VLSI, Embedded System, Nano Electronics and Telecommunication System (ICEVENT), 2013 (Published in IEEE)

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1. V.Vijayalakshmi, G.Sivaradje and P.Dananjayan, "Qos Multicast Routing in Overlay Networks", Proceedings of National Conference on Microelectronics and Communication, pp1-5, 24-25th March 2006, Chennai

2. G.Sivaradje and P.Dananjayan, "Direction Of Arrival Based Interference Reduction And Capacity Enhancement Using Smart Antennas In CDMA Networks" Proceedings of URSI 2005, December, Delhi, India

3. G. Sivaradje and P. Dananjayan "VHDL Implementation of Text To Speech Converter For Satellite Radio Receivers" Proc. NCC2004, Bangalore, India, Jan 2004.

4. G. Sivaradje and P. Dananjayan , "Fuzzy Based Dynamic Connection Admission Controller For ATM Networks" Proc. DAMS2003 Digital Aided Modelling and Simulation, Coimbatore, India, Jan 2003.

5. G. Sivaradje and P. Dananjayan , "A Guaranteed Rate Allocation Algorithm for ATM-ABR Service with and without Connection Estimation" Proc. National Conference on Communications (NCC2003), IIT Madras, Chennai, India, January 2003.

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