Dr. S. Batmavady
B.Tech.,M.Tech., Ph.D.,MISTE

Specialization: 1. Signals and Systems
  2. Image Processing
Phone no.: 9486476144

Brief Biodata of Dr.S.BATMAVADY


Date of Birth : 14.08.1970

Designation : Professor

Department : Electronics and Communication

College Address : Pondicherry Engineering College

Total teaching experience : 20 years

Membership with professional bodies : Life Member of ISTE


Journal Publications:

1.  "Wavelet based Watermarking of Fused Image for Telemedicine Applications", International Journal on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology, vol.5, No:1, pp.70-73, March 2011.

2.  "Fusion of A-IFS Histon and FCM for Color Image Segmentation", CiiT International Journal of Digital Image Processing, Vol.2, No: 5, pp. 125-130,May 2010.

3.  " Neuro-Fuzzy based Enhanced Colour Video Fusion", International Journal on Recent Trends in Engineering and Technology, vol.7, No:1, pp.22-27, July 2012.

4.  "On the Realisation of XOR Neural Networks", International Engineering and Technology Journal of Advanced Computations, vol.3, no:3, pp.102-105, 2009.

5.  Region Based Image Fusion using Modified Contourlet Transform", CiiT International Journal of Digital Image Processing, Vol.2, No: 14, pp. 888-892,September 2011

6.  "Colour Image Fusion using an Improved Transform based Approach", International Journal of Information Technology and Engineering, vol.3, pp.173-178, June 2012.(Extended conference paper)

7.  " Analysis of Fusion Technique using different Wavelet Transforms", CiiT International Journal of Digital Image Processing, Vol.2, No: 8, pp. 236-243, August 2010.

8.  "Fusion of Multi-focus and Multi-exposure Colour Images using Curvelet Transform Technique", CiiT International Journal of Digital Image Processing, Vol.5, No: 3, pp. 103-107, March 2013.

Conference Papers Publications

1.  "Colour Image Fusion using an Improved Transform based Approach", National Conference on Information Technology, February 2012.

2.  " Fuzzy C-means Clustering of Colour Images employing Colour Invariant Model", National Conference on Communication Technologies, pp. 320-324, Mepco Schlenk Engg. College, Sivakasi, March 10-11, 2006.

3.  " Fusion of Noisy Images in the Complex Wavelet Domain using Segmentation Approach", International Conference on Advances in Information Communication Technologies and VLSI Design, August 2010.

4.  " Performance Analysis of Colour Image Fusion using Improved Transform Techniques", International Conference on Process automation Control and Compuing, July 2011

5.  " Performance Analysis of complex Wavelet Transforms", National Conference on Signal Processing Communications and VLSI Design, Anna University , Coimbatore, May 2010.

6.  "Robotic Writing of Characters using Parametric Equations", National Conference on Advanced Communication Technologies, vol.1, pp. 2.47-2.50, AcTech, Karaikudi,March 2007.

7.  "Segmentation Recognition and Synthesis of Tamil Characters for Robotic Writing", International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Multimedia Applications, vol.2, pp. 394-398, December 2007.

8.  " Multi-modal Biometric System for Authentication using Fingerprint and Iris", International Conference on Recent Trends in Computer Science ,Anna University, Chennai, July 2012.

9.  " An Improved Fuzzy Technique for Colour Image Segmentation",Fourth International Conference on Information Processing, pp. 510-512, August 2010.

10.  " Detection of CO2 Gas Using FIR Filtering Tehniques", DRDO sponsored National Conference , pp. 70 - 74, April 2013.

Books Authored

S.No Title Publication Year
1. Signals and Systems Hi Tech Publications 2006
2. Communication Theory Charulatha Publications 2007

Courses Attended

S.No Title
1.Recent Trends in Diagnostic Maintenance
2. Recent Trends in Advanced Materials Science.
3. Telecommunication in Bio-Medical Engineering.
4.Compression Techniques for Multimedia Applications .
5.Workshop on Wireless Communication .
6.An Approach to 3G Wireless Systems .
7. Networking to E-Seva and Online Hoarding.
8.Information Security .
9. Recent Trends in Nanotechnology and its Applications.
10. Security in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks – Issues and Challenges.
11.Recent Trends in Measurement and Automation .
12.Recent Advances in Green Engineering .
13.Design of Embedded Systems – Issues and challenges .
14.Recent Trends in Cloud Security .
15.Computational Intelligence to Power System Analysis, Control and Optimisation .

Expert Lectures Delivered

S.No Title Organized By
1.In SRM-ISTE sponsored STTP Pondicherry Engineering College
2.In TEQIP sponsored STTP Pondicherry Engineering College
3. Not Available Arunai Engg.College, Thiruvannamalai

Courses/Conferences/workshop/Seminars Organized

1.  One week TEQIP sponsored course on "Applications of Image Processing Techniques in Next Generation Wireless Networks" from May 20th to May 24th 2013
2.  One day workshop on VLSI Design using Virtual lab in 2013
3.  Hands on training given on "Image Processing and its applications" at Chennai
4.  Co-coordinated VSNL panel discussion on " Internet of Things"

Courses Taught

1.  Signals and Systems.
2.  Digital Image Processing.
3.  Electronic Devices and Circuits.
4.  Communication Engineering.
5.  Information Theory and Coding .
6.  Basic Electronics
7.  Digital Signal Processing

Any Other Relevant Information

1.  Department co-ordinator for UG NBA program.
2.  Department co-ordinator for UG Autonomous committee visit

BoS membership Details : BoS member of UG/PG curriculum of Pondicherry University.

Reviewer of books/journal etc : Reviewer of Conference papers.

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