EnC Info

It is the annual Magazine of the Department brought out by the students of department, with a supplementary DVD. The magazine features various technical articles highlighting the advancements in the field of Electronics and Communication. It also features non-technical articles like art, puzzles, etc. The DVD contains educational materials like ebooks, simulation softwares and useful links to build a professional career, along with an assortment of other computer freeware.


The department has its own students' council organising various conferences, Workshops and seminars on the cutting-edge technologies to provide the students with a unique opportunity to keep in touchwith the latest trends in the domain. The Council also encourages students to conduct various Online and Offline events so as to help them gather a good raport with the staff and fellow students.


ECE Tabloid

This is a bimonthly newsletter of the Department brought out by the final year students. It focuses on the advancements and inventions in the field of Electronics and Communication, recent trends in technologies, apart containing articles of the students and information about prizes and awards won by the students in extra-curricular, co-currilcular and inter-collegiate events.


GENESIS is an All India Inter Collegiate Technical Symposium which is being conducted once in four years. This symposium gives the feel of the technical awareness existing in other universities and colleges and brings the young minds together. It provides an exciting forum to the young minds across the country to put out the best of their expertise and skills. In addition to technical presentation, there are number of other technical, non-technical and fun events. The technical paper presentation covers the various areas of Electronics and Communication Engineering such as wireless communication, computer & optical networks, signal & image processing, robotics, biomedical, VLSI, Embedded Systems, etc. Around 50 colleges participate in various events of GENESIS.