Freescale Systems Lab


PLINTH AREA: 41.43 sqm

This lab has been established as a collaborative venture between Pondicherry Engineering College and M/S Freescale Semiconductors. India Pvt. Ltd. in accordance with the MoU signed during September, 2008. Freescale Semiconductors has donated ninety development tools which include Hardware and Software.


  • HCL Infinity Desktop

Intel core2duo Processor@2.66Hz, 3MB Cache, 2x2GB DDR2 RAM, 320GB Sata Hard Disc and Accessories.

  • Development tools

-MCU 16Bit Hcs 12 application module students Learning kit
-MCU Project Board
-MCU 32Bit Coldfire Student learning kit
-Sympony DSP Development Kit
-FPGA Application module student Learning Kit
-ZIGBEE Application module students learning Kit

  • Numeric 5KVA Online UPS with 60min Backup

These kits enable the students to undertake the projects and gain experience and offer exposure to cutting edge Technologies and Skills that are required by industry.